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The recommended way to install the YASARA 3DM plugin is by using the version that comes with your YASARA distribution. This ensures that the version of YASARA is compatible with the version of your plugin.

If you already have YASARA installed we recommend that you still follow this procedure to update YASARA. You need to have the latest version of the YASARA plugin to complete the course and work with 3DM effectively.

  1.  Retrieve and install YASARA from the YASARA downloads page. Every YASARA download comes with the 3DM plugin pre-packaged.

  2. Activate the 3DM plugin. This can be done using the Help > Install > 3DM Plugin menu option. You must restart YASARA after the installation has finished.
    1. If the 3DM button does not appear, please verify that Python 2.7 has been installed. It can be installed using the Help > Install > Python menu option.

  3. Check the installation. To verify that the plugin works correctly, please confirm that the top menu bar contains the 3DM menu. If it is listed, you can verify the installation completely by Clicking on 3DM > Info > About Bio-Prodict 3DM. When a screen comes up with information about the plugin, the installation was completed successfully. The latest stable version number can be found here.
    1. If the 3DM menu is listed, but no screen shows up after clicking About Bio-Prodict 3DM, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for troubleshooting information.