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Table of Contents

This guide is for registered 3DM users that have a Bio-Prodict account. If you don’t have an account yet please first request one here.

Install a Molecular viewer with the 3DM plugin

To view 3DM data inside protein structures and models, use these guides to install the 3DM plugin for your molecular viewer of choice:

Read about 3DM, or do the Course

To learn more about 3DM, please watch the


3DM Video and consult our publications or look at our 3DM Walkthrough.

3DM is a complex program that has many powerful options. To get maximum value out of 3DM we advise to follow the 3DM


Course. These courses contain a large practical component in which participants solve real life problems from different fields (protein engineering, homology modeling, and drug design) with 3DM themselves. Information about the course can be found here.