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Code Block
titleToken Request Response
    "access_token": "{token}",
    "expires_in": 43199,
    "fullname": "{fullname}",
    "jti": "396f89d8-92d2-4211-9fe7-b4db82a4e691{uuid}",
    "scope": "read write",
    "token_type": "bearer",
    "userid": {userid},
    "username": "{username}"

The access token should be used when sending requests to any of the Bio-Prodict APIs via a header: 'Authorization: Bearer $ {token}'

Refresh OAUTH Token

To refresh a token send a token request to the endpoint described in the 'Retrieve OAUTH Token' paragraph with the following parameters: grant_type=refresh_token and refresh_token=${refresh_token}. The refresh token is included in the original token request. response A Basic authorization header as described in the 'Retrieve OAUTH Token' paragraph is required. Note that refresh tokens are not available for all client_id's.