Private Proteins

What are private proteins

It is possible to add your own 'private' proteins to a 3DM system. Any protein sequence that you wish to add manually is considered a 'private' protein. By default private proteins are private and only visible to you.

Private proteins are stored separately and can be connected to different 3DM systems. 

How do I add a private protein?

Private proteins can be created and/or connected to a 3DM system from the private protein page within a 3DM system (Sidebar → Proteins → private proteins).


Available functionality for private proteins (more features are under development):

  • View them in the alignment.
  • View private proteins in a phylogenetic tree of the 3DM system.
  • Create structural models of private proteins connected to a 3DM system.
  • Project 3DM data on the private protein sequence (see Sequence projection).
  • Create a numbering scheme based on the private protein sequence.

Notes concerning private proteins:

  • private proteins are visible only to you or the user group you share them with.
  • 3DM data can be projected on private proteins but they themselves are not part of the statistics.
  • It can be difficult to connect (align) distantly related proteins to a 3DM system, (you are advised to check the alignment quality for such proteins).

This functionality is in Beta version and is under further development.