Hotspot baskets

The hotspot basket is a place to store alignment positions of your interest (hotspots), so that you can use or
visualise them later on.

Throughout 3DM you can select hotspots and add them to a new or existing basket. Where this is possible you will
see a hotspot basket button. This button only appears when the hotspot window is opened.

Places where this button is available include:

  • The histograms on the alignment statistics page
  • The correlated mutations page
  • The histogram on the patents page
  • In Yasara

The contents of a hotspot basket can be used in the following places: 

  • You can visualise a hotspot basket on the sequence of a protein of interest in the sequence projection or protein analysis tool
  • You can visualise hotspots from within Yasara or PyMol
  • You can load the hotspots from a basket in 3DM tools such as the panel design tool