Find 3DM Systems by sequence


The 3DM system wide search by sequence helps you to identify the best 3DM system for your protein. The input query consists of a protein sequence and the result shows the 3DM systems that contain either this or a closely related protein in the alignment.


The identified 3DM systems are shown together with a domain annotation of your query sequence so that you can easily see which domains are covered by the 3DM system hits.

By default only the top 3DM system is shown for each distinct protein region:

A detailed view is available for each system hit that provides more information and shortcuts:



How it works

This search first identifies the closest 3DM systems (by an HMM scan) and then performs a BLAST search against the identified systems to find the closest proteins in those 3DM Systems.


The top system is identified by sorting the system hits in this order:

Subfamily count and then on Sequence cluster count.